Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kingdoms of Cats and Dogs

Once upon a time there lived a dog kingdom and a cat kingdom. They were miles and miles away from each other. The king of the cats sent a letter to one of his friends at the same time the king of the dogs sent a letter to his Mom.
Along the way the cats messenger bumped into the dogs messenger. The dog growled and said "Are thou friend or foe of Sir Highness?"
The cat said "Who is Sir Highness?"
The growling dog howled to call all dogs. The cat ran as fast as he could, but when crossing the the river the dogs were chewing the ropes on the bridge on both sides. The cat fell and he discovered a under water cave with lots of fish. He loved it so much that he lived there peacefully.
The dogs swore that they would find cat and make him apoligize to the king of dogs
but the dogs never found the cat messenger.