Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First Horseback Riding Lesson

Me riding on Dunny

My horse, Dunny

Today, I went on my first horseback riding lesson! The name of my horse is Dunny. She is brown and has a black tail. She also has a white diamond on her forehead. I am only going to have Dunny through level 1 then move on to a new horse. I have horse homework to do if I want to go to the next level . The highest level is 5+ and I hope I'll get better. I learned so many things on my first lesson.
I learned that when you get your horse from the stables you walk on the right and the horse stays on your left. I learned how to groom the horse. They don't like to be brushed lightly. Your brush their mane from bottom to top. Dunny needed some conditioner on her tail. I learned how to saddle up the horse and walk to the arena. Other riders are in the arena as well.
In the arena, I learned how to direct the horse where I wanted her to go. I learned how to make Dunny go forward, stop and to the left and right. I also learned how to get her to jog. I can't wait to see what I learn in my next lesson. I love horses.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Second Necklace

I love to make jewelry in my free time and I can do it for hours. I just finished a blue medallion. It was made of crystal beads that I received as a Christmas gift. It is really pretty. I am planning to sell my jewelry on my own website someday. I'll even go to craft shows. I'll use the money I earn to buy nicer beads and tools.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Day

February 1, I went with my family to Los Angeles to go see "Phantom of the Opera". We also went to go to eat Vegan Ethiopian food. When we got inside the restaurant we were seated in little chairs that had a little seat cushion that felt like a air mattress covered in fabric.For the drinks we had mango juice which was like a smoothie and my brother had orange juice. The food came out and it was served on a big plate with buckwheat bread.After we were done we walked through an alley to get to our car and headed to Pantages Theatre.

When the play was over, I realized that it was scarier then the movie. I liked the movie better then the show. The play was a lot different than the movie. There was a lot of smoke. I thought it was going to set off the smoke alarm! I had a good time and I hope to see another show at the Pantages Theatre again.