Friday, February 26, 2010

The Lighting Thief

Percy Jackson is a 12 year old boy that has ADHD and dyslexia. He goes to Yancy Academy. When he is accused of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt. He finds out that he is the son of Poseidon the God of the sea. He then goes on a quest to find Zeus's lighting bolt.
On their way to camp, Percy, Grover (who is Percy's protector), and Percy's mom must fight off a Minotaur. Percy thinks his mom is killed, so he kills the Minotaur.
At Camp Half Blood, he makes friends with Annabeth, the daughter of Athena and Luke, the son of Hermes. After a battle with Annabeth, Percy finds out that water heals him. Percy,Grover,and Annabeth go on a quest to find the lightning bolt.
On their way to the underworld they get lost and find themselves at Auntie Emm's Emporium where they fought off Medusa. Once back on their journey, they are approached by Ares the god of war, who offers another quest to find his shield to tell Percy information about his mom who is still alive.
After completing Ares quest, they headed to Santa Monica where Percy meets a water spirit that gives him three pearls that have to be crushed to get out of the underworld. Percy goes to the underworld and talks to Hades. Hades helm is missing. Percy also learns that the lightning bolt all along was in his backpack placed there by Luke.
After they get out of the under world Ares challenges Percy to fight Ares get hurt and runs away. Percy goes to Mt. Olympus returns the lightning bolt to Zeus. Percy tells Zeus the story and Zeus believes him. Poseidon tells Percy he is proud of him and when he returns home his mom will be there. Percy then returns to Camp Half blood where he is meant to live.
I read the book and I saw the movie. The book was better because it had more detail to it. The movie skipped a lot of scenes, even the beginning was different. So, I would rather choose to read the book than see the movie, but I enjoyed both.If you like greek mytholgy and adventure you would like these books.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peace Sign Earings

Here is a picture of a pair of earings I created from wire using beads. I really like the peace symbol so I chose that as my inspiration to create these earings.