Wednesday, September 16, 2009

where the red fern grows

Billy was a young boy who lived in the Ozark Mountains with his Ma, Pa, and 3 little sisters. His mother wanted to move to town so that the kids could have a good education. Billy had a dog wanting disease and saved his money for 2 years to buy coon hounds. Billy went to town to pick up the coon hounds, which he named Old Dan and Little Ann. Billy loved his dogs. Billy loved hunting for coons with Old Dan and Little Ann. One day Billy went to Grandpa's store. Grandpa showed Billy a champion coon hunt. Billy won the coon hunt. One day Old Dan and Little Ann chased a mountain lion up a tree. The mountain lion came down the tree and the coon hounds fought the lion. Old Dan lost a lot of blood and died and Little Ann died of a broken heart.A red fern grew between the graves of Old Dan and Little Ann. Then the family moved to town.

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