Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Secret Garden

Once there was a girl who lived in India. Her name was Mary Lenox. She was a spoiled child. Her mother and father died of a disease. Mary Lenox was sent to live with her uncle Mr. Craven and a woman who lived with five children.

Mary woke up to find that there was a housemaid, Martha and a butler, John. Martha told Mary about her brother, Dikon who befriends animals. One day Mary went out into the garden. Mary met the gardener, Ben Weatherstaff in the garden.

Mary made friends with a red chested robin. The robin showed Mary where to find the key to the secret garden. Mary gathered tools that Dikon gave her. Mary then met Colin, who is in a wheel chair. Colin is Mr. Craven’s son, Mary and Colin are cousins.

Mary, Colin, and Dikon planted seeds in the secret garden. After time Mary, Dikon helped Colin to walk again in the secret garden. The flowers in the secret garden bloomed with the help of Mary, Colin, and Dikon.

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