Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Book Review

"Alice in Wonderland" is a book about an eleven year old girl who one day is at a stream with her sister. Alice suddenly sees a white rabbit with a pocket watch who talks, and follows it down a rabbit hole into Wonderland.
Alice fell down the rabbit hole for hours. Once she landed at the bottom, she found a little door that had a beautiful garden inside, but Alice was too big to fit through the little door. Then she found a bottle that said on a piece of paper "drink me", so she drank the whole thing. She shrank to fit in the little door, but it was locked. Then she found a little gold key on the table, but she was to little to reach it. Then she found a cake that said "eat me" so she ate it and it made her big to reach the little key.
When Alice finally goes into the garden she meets a talking caterpillar that tells her to meet the red queen for a game of croquet. On her way to meet the red queen she meets the cheshire cat who shows her the way to the red queen.
Alice played a game with the queen with live animals. The queen gets into a fight with Alice because Alice won the game and sends her to court. Alice can hear from the jail cells all of her friends crying for help, because the queen had captured them and was going to behead them. Then her sister wakes up Alice and she realizes it was just a dream.

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